Frequently Asked Questions

Q My pipe has burst and there is water everywhere! What do I do?
A Turn off your water meter. Then contact us at PLUMBWORKS

Q How do I do that?        
A Easy! 0438 381 122

Q I mean, how do I switch off the water?
A Every property has it’s own water meter tap near the boundary of the property. This is easy to find as it’s situated just outside your property boudary.. If you live in a block of units, remember to let your fellow unit dwellers and/or property manager/management know that you need to switch this off, as a courtesy.

Q I have a massive water bill. What could be causing it? 
A Many things can cause this. Leaky taps and toilets can add to the strain, but a large bill points to a leak underground. Sometimes it can be easy to detect as you will notice a sogginess in the ground. This often needs to be located by a specialist. If unsure, please contact PLUMBWORKS and we will arrange for a plumber to investigate. If the bill is excessive, you may like to turn the water off in the meantime.

Q There is raw effluent (sewerage) coming out of the ground. Who do I call?
A  This is serious and you need to contact us immediately and stay away from any sepages coming out of the ground as this is very dangerous. Avoid letting children play nearby.

Q My drains are seriously blocked.
A Blocked drains should be left to licensed plumbers. We have a drain machine which clears seriously blocked drains. It could be tree roots or it could be something small. The plumber will ascertain if he needs to use the drain machine or not.

Q How do I prevent my kitchen sinks from clogging up continually?
A This is a problem in households that cook foods/consume foods heavy with grease/oil. Most importantly throw all oils into a container and use kitchen roll to mop up oils. Be careful not to tip oils down drains.  Oil poured down a drain congeals causes blockages eventually. A blocked kitchen drain is the worst smell ever and a very unpleasant job which will make you totally appreciate your plumber more than ever before.

Q Do I need a permit to do maintenance plumbing?
A Yes, nearly every plumbing job requires permits to be sent to the council. For very small jobs like changing tap washers, this is not required.  Unfortunately these need to be lodged with the council by the plumber and there will be costs involved.
Any structural work, installation of new plumbing services etc now require permission from council and an inspection from an authorised plumbing inspector with the local council.

Q  How do I know I am not being ripped off?
A  A very good question and sadly all too many people are overcharged in too many industries. We are happy to discuss prices with you, and give you an idea of cost. We work at an hourly rate and have a mark-up on fittings/fixtures which every business has the right to do. We are in business to stay in business. However we have many repeat clients and businesses that choose to use us.

Q I own a number of investment properties. I don’t like the plumbers my real estate agent uses. Can I use PLUMBWORKS?
A We do work for a number of Real Estate agents and we are also specifically requested on rental agreements as the preferred plumber to call out. You need to stipulate this to your property manager.

Q Are all of your plumbers qualified?
A Yes, we do not use any unlicensed plumbers or handymen. We will only use an Apprentice with a licenced plumber under their supervision and it will be to assist in a job.

Q How can I pay?
A We accept cash, credit cards via an eftpos facility and cheques. If you are a commercial client and give us repeat business, we would be happy to arrange terms and a credit limit as per mutual agreement.