High Pressure Drain Cleaning Holland Park

Plumbworks use the Hydro Jetting method to effectively clear blocked drains in Holland Park and surrounding areas. We specialise in unblocking sewer mains, sewage systems, gully traps, toilets, baths, basins, showers, kitchen drains, laundry drains or storm water drains, storm pits and rainwater down pipes.

You can always rely on Plumbworks as our qualified plumbers specialise in high pressure drain cleaning in Holland Park, CCTV camera drain inspections, electronic pipe locating and broken pipe repairs.

Plumbworks are your #1 drain cleaning service to call for a fast, efficient and complete drain cleaning service, with no hidden costs and guaranteed workmanship. Whether you have pipes full of tree roots in Holland Park, smelly drains in Manly, a blocked toilet in Carina or a broken sewerage pipe, we are here to help you!

Most Common Causes of Blocked Drains:

  • Broken or squashed pipes restricting the flow of water and sewage
  • Tree Roots growing through cracked or broken pipes.
  • Sanitary items
  • Fats, oils and grease build up
  • Sand, silt and debris build up.
  • Foreign objects, builders rubble, concrete, etc.


Hydro Jetting:

The Hydro Jet uses high pressure water between 1500 and 5000 Psi to clean your pipes, cut through roots and debris and break up all the obstructions in your drain. The Jetting Tool or Nozzle has both forward and reverse water jets that create the force that will clean any drain without having to carry out major repairs on your pipes. With a large selection of nozzles, Plumbworks can resolve any blockage you may have with our quality drain cleaning services in Holland Park.

CCTV Camera Inspections:

Plumbworks can carry out a CCTV Camera Inspection to confirm that your drain is clean, or to pin point an exact location of the problem, or see the cracks in pipes. Roots will always grow back. When we suspect roots, we always recommend a Video Camera Inspection after the Hydro Jetter has cleared the blockage. This will provide you with a full assessment of your drains condition and enable us to give you sound advice on the best possible repair.

Preventative Maintenance:

We recommend hydro jetting for preventative maintenance for sewer and storm drains that block frequently due to fat, grease or debris build up. Regular scheduled jetting of these drains will help prevent blockages that can develop into emergency problems. This routine process pays for itself, saving you in costly after hours emergency call outs and clean up expenses resulting from such blockages.

Plumbworks guarantees to clear your blocked drains quickly and rid your drains of bad smells with our high pressure drain cleaning in Holland Park and surrounding Brisbane suburbs. Your satisfaction is our promise to you. Give our experienced team a call today on 0438 381 122 or email dan@dcplumbing.com.au to find out how we can help you.

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